Belvoir Tack Cleaner "Step 1"
This tack cleaner eradicates the need to scrub tack before conditioning. Step 1 gently but effectively lifts ingrained grease, dirt and sweat. Antifungal formula helps prevent the growth of mould and mildew. The pH neutral formula will not rot stitch..
£7.95 (inc. VAT) £6.63 (ex. VAT)
Belvoir Tack Conditioner "Step 2"
The tack conditoner delveloped by Carr & Day & Martin made from the original recipe to condition, protect and add shine to leather. A pure, clear, quality conditioner formulated with glycerine and coconut oil, for regular use with minimum effort. The..
£11.70 (inc. VAT) £9.75 (ex. VAT)
Belvoir Tack Conditioning Soap
In a re-sealable tray, the original traditional bar soap, conditions, protects and adds shine to leather. This pure, clear quality soap is formulated from vegetable oils, including coconut oil and glycerine. The glycerine fills and seals pores in the..
£5.50 (inc. VAT) £4.58 (ex. VAT)
Canter Coat Shine
Canter Coat Shine provides an instant and long lasting sheen. The original coat conditioner that also makes the application of quarter markings easy. Helps repel grass stains, mud and soiling, making grooming easier. 600ml ..
£11.70 (inc. VAT) £9.75 (ex. VAT)
Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner
Canter Mane & Tail is the original, award winning, long-lasting conditioner that reduces hair breakage. Spray the fine mist over the mane and through the tail for powerful detangling, making grooming quick and easy. Gives an immaculate, oil-free shin..
From £11.70 (inc. VAT) £9.75 (ex. VAT)
Canter Stain Master
Canter Stain Master is unbeatable for removing dirt and manure stains with no need to rinse. Fantastic for last minute touch ups and can be used as a dry shampoo when it's too cold to bath. 600ml ..
£11.70 (inc. VAT) £9.75 (ex. VAT)
Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat
Dreamcoat conditions the coat to leave the ultimate high gloss shine. The fine mist and minute droplet size give a perfect, even finish, every time. The non slip formula can be used prior to plaiting and used on the saddle patch. Available in two siz..
From £11.70 (inc. VAT) £9.75 (ex. VAT)
Vanner & Prest Hoof Oil
Vanner & Prest Hoof Oil is a traditional formulation combining pine tar oil with mineral oil to provide mild antibacterial properties, with a distinctive aroma. Great for leaving a show ring shine and helping to maintain healthy hooves. Available in ..
From £7.95 (inc. VAT) £6.62 (ex. VAT)
Antibacterial Wound Cream
Antibacterial cream that aids the natural healing process Advanced, scientific formula allows the skin to breathe freely and heal ‘correctly’ in beneficial moist conditions, helping to reduce healing time of minor cuts, scratches and abrasions. ..
£12.50 (inc. VAT) £10.42 (ex. VAT)
Belvoir Leather Balm
An intensive conditioner providing ultimate nourishment for new or fine leather as well as deeply conditioning dry or cracked leather. The soft Lanolin and Beeswax formula keeps leather in optimum condition and add brilliant shine. To be used after ‘..
£11.50 (inc. VAT) £9.58 (ex. VAT)
Daily Hoof Barrier
Advanced formulation creates ‘one way barrier’ to protect from excessive absorption of water and urine. Waterproofs the hoof, yet allows it to breathe naturally and moisture to be repelled. Contains anti-bacterial agents to guard against bacterial in..
£16.50 (inc. VAT) £13.75 (ex. VAT)
Daily Hoof Dressing
A nourishing dressing based on the original Cornucrescine formula as a minimum requirement for hoof care. Suitable for all hoof types and ideal for daily use. Contains an integral, quality brush for easy application. Ensure the hoof is clean and d..
£16.50 (inc. VAT) £13.75 (ex. VAT)
Daily Hoof Moisturiser
Primarily for use in dry conditions, the Advanced, water-based formulation penetrates deep into the hoof horn to aid moisture replacement. If used on a daily basis this product maintains the optimum hoof moisture. Contains an integral, quality brush ..
£16.50 (inc. VAT) £13.75 (ex. VAT)
Daily Tea Tree Hoof Oil
A modern alternative to traditional style oils. Maintains and protects the hood, leaving a lasting show ring shine. This rich, translucent oil, is suitable for all hoof colours. Contains tea tree oil for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. ..
£16.50 (inc. VAT) £13.75 (ex. VAT)
Gallop Shampoo
A low foaming conditioning shampoo that removes dirt grease and dust from the coat. Leaves the coat fresh clean and shiny. Suitable for routine use. ..
£29.95 (inc. VAT) £24.96 (ex. VAT)
Ice Blue Leg Cooler Gel
Fast acting, easy to use leg cooler gel that quickly soothes hot, tired or filled legs. Ice Blue contains a number of premium active ingredients such as; arnica and witch hazel to help disperse heat and bruising; Menthol and camphor, to soothe and co..
£12.75 (inc. VAT) £10.63 (ex. VAT)
Lavender Liniment
Dual purpose liniment and rinse for use on swellings and tight, stiff muscles Lavender Liniment is a dual purpose liniment with both heating and cooling effects. For use on swellings, aching joints and tight stiff muscles. Arnica and witch hazel h..
£13.95 (inc. VAT) £11.63 (ex. VAT)
Protection Plus Antibacterial Salve
An Anti-bacterial salve to protect and waterproof vulnerable areas This antibacterial pink ointment with a citronella scent has numerous uses. Ideal to protect and waterproof wounds and as a barrier against mud fever and sweet itch. A tack box ess..
£12.75 (inc. VAT) £10.63 (ex. VAT)
Stockholm Hoof Tar
Seals, waterproofs and protects damaged areas of the hoof A versatile hoof care product that seals, waterproofs and protects damaged areas of the hoof. Natural, thick vegetable tar maintains a healthy frog, sole and wall of the hoof. Traditional a..
£8.95 (inc. VAT) £7.46 (ex. VAT)
Vanner & Prest Neatsfoot Compound
Fast acting, deep penetrating formula containing pure Neatsfoot Oil and mineral oils that will not rot stitching. Fantastic for softening stiff or new leather, also excellent for restoring leather after storage or prolonged use in rain. Can be used r..
From £6.45 (inc. VAT) £5.38 (ex. VAT)
Carr & Day & Martin Natural Insect Repellent Spray
The Carr & Day & Martin Contains Citriodiol, the only natural HSE approved ingredient.  Get the perfect coverage and ultimate protection, even in hard to reach areas, using the new Equimist 360 technology. 600ml ..
£11.70 (inc. VAT) £9.75 (ex. VAT)
Carr & Day & Martin Flygard
The Carr & Day & Martin Flygard contains citronella oils for long lasting protection and added coat conditioners to promote a shiny coat. Provides safe, long-lasting protection during the summer months. Get the perfect coverage and ultimate protectio..
£11.70 (inc. VAT) £9.75 (ex. VAT)
Carr & Day & Martin Extra Strength Insect Repellent Spray
The Carr & Day & Martin Extra strength formula contains an optimum level of 20% DEET for powerful, long-lasting protection. This highly effective formula repels midges and all flying and biting insects. Get the perfect coverage and ultimate protectio..
£16.75 (inc. VAT) £13.96 (ex. VAT)
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